What is the Stereotype of an Entrepreneur?

Dec 22
Did you know that Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg do NOT fit how entrepreneurs are portrayed?  

I mean, they do not fit an entrepreneur’s ‘’typical stereotype’’. You know, the one with a loud presence, impeccable public skills, ridiculous networking skills, and a gregarious personality?  

A couple of years ago, I struggled with morphing myself into an extrovert to fit how an ‘’entrepreneur’’ is perceived. 

So, I did my research. Here’s what I found about introverts:
👉 Introverts have excellent listening skills, enabling them to consider information attentively before responding.

👉 Introverts are great decision-makers, thanks to their ability to reflect deeply and weigh different options before making a firm decision.

👉 Introverts prefer networking through engaging in meaningful conversations that lead to high-quality relationships.  

If you feel this sounds like YOU, here’s how you can leverage your introversion to your advantage:

📍 Recognise your potential! You must embrace who you are and leverage your strengths. 

📍 Use your energy strategically! As a leader, you must give yourself time to recharge during the day.

📍 Utilise your listening skills to your advantage, as you can create deeper bonds and long-lasting connections. It’s okay to dislike overwhelming (speed-dating-like) networking events!

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