The Secret of Fostering Introversion: Leveraging Your Strengths

Why Adopting A Strengths-Focused Approach Is Needed for Introverts

In our modern-day society, introversion has been frequently overlooked in a world that idolises extroversion. However, introverts should maintain their ability to think creatively and brainstorm in their own quiet ways rather than succumb to socially accepted extroverted working methods.

According to introverted author Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, it's time for the world to recognise the strengths and contributions of the introverted 50% of the world's population. Indeed, this calls for immediate action in terms of addressing the remarkable difference introverts bring to the world and specifically to the entrepreneurial world. 

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This cultural bias has become very deep-rooted in our educational system, work cultures, and social settings. This can be witnessed in the traits we relate introverts to, such as quiet, shy, rude, difficult etc., instead of polite, observant, understanding, aware and empathetic. This disparity in treatment between both ends of the continuum has led extroverts to feel superior and introverts to dwell on their weaknesses. 

According to research, introverts exhibit a range of strengths that qualify them to take on leadership roles. However, if they do not acknowledge and recognise their own potential, they can never harness their true powers.

When we become aware of what we bring to the table despite what others think of us, we automatically improve our methods and overcome what we once thought were obstacles. 

When we are deliberate about thinking about and using our talents, we increase their potency. When we do this, we strengthen a part of our brain which considers and makes deliberate choices. When we are intentional about identifying and thoughtfully applying our talents, those talents rise to the level of strengths. Quiet emphasises that whether you're an extrovert or an introvert, you have strengths that come with your temperament. With self-awareness, you can also mitigate the effects of your weaknesses.

The most important piece of advice of all is to commit to learning more about the areas of strength attributed to introversion. You will be able to concentrate more on what you perform best and worry less about the discrepancies between yourself and the louder viewpoints who get more recognition at meetings. Remember, introverts are attentive, so they frequently ask poignant and relevant questions and see things in a different light.

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