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CREO Blockchain Fundamentals Program will empower you to explore the fundamentals of blockchain technology and learn about its use cases in transforming financial infrastructure, data storage and agreements, and applications in different sectors.

Creopreneurship is key to unlocking your potential and is only attainable through our unique gamified microlearning frameworks.

Who is this program for?

This program will best suit you if you are:

Someone who is keen to understand blockchain fundamentals to stay ahead in the digital era.

An individual or organization eager to delve into the workings of blockchain technology.

An organization aiming to spearhead innovation by integrating blockchain into its operations.

A financial institution focused on training staff in blockchain to foster an intrapreneurial culture.

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This program is brought to you in partnership with Women in Digital Assets Forum. Hear from guest lecturer, Lynne Marlor!

Accelerate the digital transformation of your organization today!


Embracing new technology has become a must for every organization and individual regardless of their sector. Because blockchain will have a radical impact on how businesses will conduct their work in the future, it is important for every entity to be ahead of the curve. 

CREO's program helps individuals and organizations gain a deep understanding of topics such as blockchain, smart contracts, digital assets, and so much more in a simple, fun, and comprehensible manner. No prior knowledge of blockchain technology is needed! We believe everyone should have the tools and opportunity to be a part of this transformation.
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Demystify blockchain technology!

What You Will Learn and Implement

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CREO will ensure a life transformation WITH EXTRA BONUSES!

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By Enrolling In This Program, You will Have Access to BONUSES!

Blockchain glossary to download! You will have access to a glossary containing all 80 concepts covered in this program so you have them at your fingertips!

You will have access to real-world case studies. What's better than experiential learning?

You will be part of a vibrant and engaging community. Who doesn't benefit from meaningful networking?
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Quality You Can Trust

We offer courses using a combination of learning methods to accommodate different learning styles.

Interactive microunits to engage in

We offer 15-min microlearning units that you can interact with. Read, answer questions, engage with the content in a fun and interactive way.

Fun, educational games to play

Whether you fancy a bowling game or climbing up a mountain, we have fun educational games in store for you to enjoy, all while learning the ins and outs of blockchain fundamentals.

Short videos to listen to

You get to listen to short videos answering your questions by our guest lecturer, Lynne Marlor. Pop your question in a personalized needs assessment form and we will have the most buzzing questions answered, expertly, for you!

Engaging community to partake in

If you are feeling stuck or need help with something, we have a thriving community of professionals on our discussion forums who are happy to lend a hand. You won't find that anywhere else!

Become a Creopreneur. Join our community today.


Our approach relies on gamification and microlearning!

Tailored for YOU

Modules combine research and gamified elements, making it more convenient and creative to gain new knowledge and understandings.

Increased Knowledge Retention

Learning units are easy to digest and only take 15 mins of your day! You can now enjoy the flexibility of learning anywhere and anytime!

Discuss with Others

Discussion Boards will allow you to connect and share your ideas with other learners on the same blockchain journey as YOU!

Highly Engaging Modules

Awesome features include interactions, games, quizzes, videos, social badges, & so much more!
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Revolutionize the digitilization of your organization, understand blockchain fundamentals!



  • 80+ UNIQUE CONCEPTS                              

  • MICROLEARNING UNITS                              

  • GAMES TO PLAY                                            

  • EXPERT VIDEOS (Q&A)                                  

  • GLOSSARY TO DOWNLOAD                         

  • REAL-WORLD CASE STUDIES                       
  • ACCESS TO COMMUNITY                             

  • CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION                    

  • LIFETIME PLATFORM ACCESS                      


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  • Certificate of Completion 

    You will be issued a certificate of completion.

    You will also have lifetime access to the community for continued engagement and sharing opportunities in the innovation space. 

Feedback from Other Participants

We are dedicated to providing top-notch, engaging learning experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program's duration?

The overall program's average duration is 15 hours, distributed as 50+ microlearning units. The content is self-paced and can be consumed at your convenience. Every week a new course is released.

Is this program time-restricted?

On the contrary. Our modules are designed for you to access anytime and anywhere. This is why we launched our new Creopreneur phone apps. Learning should be fun, engaging, easily consumed, and accessible. Our modules are not time-consuming but are meant for the committed learner.

Will I get to meet other learners who share similar aspirations?

You will get the chance to belong to a community. This will help you practice meaningful networking and exchange creative and innovative ideas. You get out what you put in!

Why should I enroll in CREO's program specifically?

Unlike other learning institutions/systems, CREO adopts a unique approach to learning that comprises gamification and microlearning nuggets. Our courses contain social learning with adaptive technology and practical case studies and simulations to deliver optimal educational value and high community engagement, enabling accessible and equitable education to all.

Learn about blockchain fundamentals today!

Any questions?

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