Tips For Building A More Inclusive Workplace for Introverts

Jan 20
How can you make your workplace more inclusive of introverts? 

The world seems tilted towards extroverts -whether in school or the workplace.

For example: 

👉Participation in class and meetings:

Introverts are encouraged to always participate in class or meetings, even though they prefer to listen and take time to process their thoughts.  

👉Open working spaces: 

Introverts prefer their solitude and can focus better when alone. Working in open working spaces all the time can drain them mentally.  
Introverts will strive when valued for their strengths. 

Instead, do this:

1. Send an agenda ahead of meetings:

This way, introverts have time to prepare without feeling pressured to answer on the spot.

2. Use different ways to get feedback and encourage participation:

Follow-up meetings with an email request for thoughts. During Zoom calls, have the chat activated. Some take time to process and synthesise their ideas.  

3. Have a combination of separate offices and open working places:

This enables introverts to recharge and have the space to work in solitude and in groups when needed.  

Make your workplace inclusive of different personality types.

This way, every employee strives with their skills.
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