Why Did TESCO Fail in the USA?

Jan 10
In 2007, Tesco entered the US market as 'Fresh & Easy'.

In 2013, Tesco exited the US at the cost of $2 bn.

Being one of the largest UK supermarket chains doesn't guarantee success in new markets.

What went wrong? 
What went wrong? Tesco stores were structured around:
- the British consumer that likes to shop daily
- ready meals that Brits enjoy
- focusing on the US West Coast, which is more car-dependent
- launching during the recession

Instead, they should have focused on:
- large items as Americans prefer to buy in bulk
- fewer ready meals that Americans consume less often
- focusing on the East Coast, which has more walk-in customers
- timing their entry better

If you are planning your Go-To-Market strategy, make sure to take into account:
- cultural differences
- customers' needs and habits
- timing of entry

There's a lot we can learn from failures. Case studies don't need to focus on success stories.

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