5 Tips on How to Create Lead Magnet Quizzes

To attract leads, businesses typically use books, case studies, manuals, and reports. While lead magnets have proven beneficial, lead creation is not restricted to downloadable materials.

Varying your lead-generating plan, such as including quizzes, can be beneficial. We have loved our experience using Interact. Here, we explain why quizzes provide individualised results and help prospects engage with your brand.

A good quiz has one more significant advantage. It's the ease with which leads can be segmented. You can add responders to different segments in your list based on their responses. The method simplifies the process of personalising marketing efforts and converting leads into paying clients.

With that being mentioned, there are several things to consider before delving immediately into making a quiz. Let us now examine them.

1- Choose the Type of Quiz You Want to Create
The type of quiz to develop is a crucial consideration. Based on their function, quizzes are classified into two sorts. Personality quizzes and assessment quizzes.


Personality Quizzes: This is a highly common quiz form that allows audiences to test their personality traits, determine their personality type, assess their IQ, or determine their professional strengths and limitations.


Assessment Quizzes: Professional assessment quizzes can be employed as lead magnets in nearly any business. There are various types of assessment quizzes. They may be used to assess knowledge and skills and benchmark technology readiness or company performance. You can also use such a questionnaire to learn more about the prospects' knowledge of your brand, product, or specific product characteristics.


2- Hook Your Audience with a Catchy Title

The effectiveness of your lead generation quiz is heavily dependent on how appealing the headline is. Value is undeniably vital, but leads won't find out that value if the quiz's title bores them to tears.

Here are some broad pointers to get you started:

1) Address your prospects' concerns. Is there anything you could answer for them with a short quiz?

2) Choose an emotion to target. Evoking emotions is the simplest technique to persuade prospects to complete your quiz.

3) Make it personal. Using pronouns such as 'you' and 'your' is highly recommended because they allow you to approach each lead directly. 


3- Draft Quiz Questions That Are Fun and Engaging 

Open questions are not usually the ideal choice because they need more effort than other sorts of questions and should be frequently avoided.


It is not difficult to create exciting quiz questions. Here are two crucial points to remember while creating a quiz:

1) Ask concise questions. Here, engagement and readability intersect. The more complex the inquiry to read and understand, the more certainly the prospect will click away. So, keep your queries short and to the point.

2) Avoid asking obvious questions. The questions you craft should be simple and straightforward. However, avoid making your inquiries too apparent — you don't want to reveal the final response too soon.


4- Include Engaging Images in Your Quiz

Visuals might help you modify and improve your quiz. Images can sometimes even substitute the answers, making your exam totally visual. Furthermore, adding more photos to your quiz may help you gain more potential leads. After all, 65 per cent of individuals are visual learners, meaning they receive and remember information presented in the form of pictures, diagrams, or videos.


Furthermore, the possibilities with images are endless. You may also include product photographs as another branding opportunity and a way for prospects to learn more about your goods. Finally, if at all feasible, avoid using stock photos. Such images might sometimes make your quiz appear unprofessional.


5- Always Keep the Lead Generation Form Short

The most effective way is to request contact details after a prospective has answered the last question. People are more inclined to reveal their email addresses after completing every form. Retain your lead form brief and to the point. It is always preferable to request as little data as possible. In most circumstances, a name and an email address should suffice. It's also a wise option to incorporate social media sign-up forms to help things move along faster. 

One other thing: don't be frightened to express yourself creatively! After all, a quiz should reflect the uniqueness of your brand.


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