CREO Start-Up Skills Accelerator Programme: Become YOUR Best Self

This programme empowers you with a robust set of personal and interpersonal skills enabling you to thrive and show up as your best entrepreneurial self in the business world.

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You will define negotiation, determine what BATNA and ZOPA are, explore the different negotiation approaches, analyse loss aversion and risk aversion, distinguish between implicit vs explicit confidence, examine the internal vs external loci of control, analyse cognitive distortions, and analyse their effects on negotiations so you can master your negotiations.

You will define networking, examine the importance of networking, determine who should be in your network, explore networking dos and don'ts, discover several networking techniques, identify the importance of following-up, uncover what is online networking, and differentiate various online networking platforms, AND go through case studies so you can network meaningfully

You will explore the power of humour, differentiate between the types of humour, examine the theories of humour, identify the physical, social and emotional impacts of humour, discover the different uses of humour, recognise the importance of humour in challenging times, and determine the cultural perceptions of humour so you can use humour in the workplace more seriously

You will learn how to manage your time, explore the dos and don'ts of time management, identify the relevance of routine in time management, PLUS analyse REAL-WORLD case studies so you can manage your time wisely

You will explore the critical thinking process, identify essential thinking dispositions and abilities, understand why you need critical thinking, determine the benefits of critical thinking, examine crucial thinking skills and activities, and name different essential tips of thinking so you can improve your critical thinking skills

You will define communication, differentiate between various communication styles, examine different means of communication, identify nonverbal communication, explore communication at work, determine how to have a difficult conversation, and analyse case studies so you can communicate effectively.

You will learn the importance of self-compassion, why it matters, its benefits, and how to practice it!

You will define decision-making, examine the decision-making process, explore the dos and don'ts of decision-making, identify the pitfalls of decision-making, differentiate between the different decision-making styles, and determine the importance of habits to make effective decisions

You will define storytelling, identify the importance of mastering storytelling, learn how to tell a story, examine the ABT structure, distinguish between successes and failures in storytelling, understand how to leverage imperfection, determine the importance of including data in your stories, explore various tips to boost your storytelling skills so you can leverage the art of storytelling for your start-up.

You will define cultural intelligence, learn how to adapt to a new culture, explore how to lead a multicultural team, discover various cultural parameters, and identify your cultural profile so you can leverage cultural intelligence with your team.   


Our approach relies on interactive and microlearning!
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Tailored for YOU

Modules combine research and interactive elements, making it more convenient and creative to gain new knowledge and understandings.

Increased Knowledge Retention

Learning units are easy to digest and only take 15 mins of your day! You can now enjoy the flexibility of learning anywhere and anytime!

Discuss with Others

Discussion Boards will allow you to connect and share your ideas with other learners on the same entrepreneurial journey as YOU!

Highly Engaging Modules

Incredible features include interactions, quizzes, roleplay simulations, badges, & so much more!

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Our students love us

said the content was fun and enhanced their learning & confidence.

said the programme was of high-quality & apt for learning.

said they are highly likely to recommend it to friends.
Overall, the programme has helped me grow as a person as much as it has, as an entrepreneur. The content was well prepared, informative, fun and highly engaging. I believe each course for me, had so many AHA moments that made me realise just how little I still know about myself and my entrepreneurial journey. I especially enjoyed the Time Management unit, as it aptly applies to a challenge I'm currently facing at work.
The program was a great learning curve more so on the issues that you never study in any school/ college

I am more confident than I was 5 weeks ago. 

The programme has       
1. Built my capacity to communicate in professional settings
2. Made me aware that I have the capacity to build skills that I initially thought are inborn eg. Executive presence, networking, time management, decision making and negotiation
3. Gave me a clear roadmap of how to do meaningful and useful networking.
4. Gave me the confidence that I can start and successfully run enterprises and businesses as I have what it takes to well manage business resources and personnel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the programme's duration?

The programme runs for 100 days with daily learning units (15 min each). One new section (worth 2 hours of learning) is unlocked every week, so you get to decide whether you would like to go over one 15-min activity or more on a daily basis during a week. You set the rhythm! The overall programme's average duration is 25-30 hours.

Is this programme time-restricted?

On the contrary!! Our modules are designed for you to access anytime and anywhere. This is why we launched our new CREO Incubator phone apps! Learning should be fun, engaging, easily consumed, and accessible. Our modules are not time-consuming but are meant for the committed learner!

Why should I enroll in CREO's programme specifically?

Unlike other learning institutions/systems, CREO adopts a unique learning approach that comprises gamification and microlearning nuggets. Our courses contain social learning with adaptive technology and practical case studies and simulations to deliver optimal educational value and high community engagement, enabling accessible and equitable education to all.

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  • Certificate of Completion

    You will be issued a certificate of completion.

    You will also have lifetime access to the community for continued engagement and sharing opportunities in the innovation and entrepreneurship space.