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CREO Breaking into a New Market Programme  IS

CREO Breaking into a New Market Programme will empower you to draft and implement a strong GTM strategy so that you can confidently take your product/service to market, analyse your market insightfully, position yourself ahead of competitors, and step up your marketing game!

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By the end of module 1

You will examine market considerations, demographics & psychographics, identify the different key market metrics (TAM, SAM, SOM), discover the top-down & bottom-up analyses, distinguish between primary & secondary market study methods, dig deep into how to conduct interviews & focus groups, and analyse efficient surveying.

As part of the programme, you will receive hands-on experience in market research through our case studies.

Not only that, but you will also be provided with an exclusive CREO worksheet template that will enable you to perform a thorough market analysis.

Thus, you will feel empowered to conduct an insightful market study!

By the end of module 2

You will identify what a competitive analysis truly means, determine its importance, examine the competitive analysis report (profile, analysis, advantage & competitive matrix).

It doesn't end here; you will also IMPLEMENT what you acquired through real-world case studies! AND you will get the chance to fill out a Competitive Analysis Matrix.

After this, you will be able to conduct a competitive analysis confidently!

By the end of module 3

You will dig deep into the product development process.

Just that? No way!

You will also get the opportunity to work on real-life case studies AND receive a worksheet where you will fill in the Product/Service Development Template!

At the end of this, you will be empowered to unveil what the product development process really entails!

By the end of module 4

You will identify the different design terms, define user experience, examine the various user experience principles, be introduced to numerous user experience examples, investigate the user experience implementation, and reveal the future of user experience.

These will all be the groundwork for the CREO UX Case Studies!!

Thus, you will grasp the basics of user experience and why it matters!

By the end of module 5

You will learn how to validate an idea or product, examine important considerations, recognise the importance of A/B testing, determine how to conduct A/B testing, and analyse market test results.

Luck is on your side because CREO offers its members the chance an A/B testing template!

This will empower you to understand when, where, and how to conduct a market test!

By the end of module 6

You will identify a go-to-market strategy, explore the different GTM strategies, and examine the various growth strategies in existing and new markets.

Here, you will fill in a worksheet to help you decide and work on your GTM strategy!

After this, you will be able to craft a successful go-to-market (GTM) strategy!

By the end of module 7

You will explore the different stages of a sale cycle, determine the typical retail & distribution margins, analyse sales governance, distinguish between the various pricing strategies, and examine the numerous pricing models & dimensions.

By the end of this, you will be able to establish efficient sales cycles and figure out the best pricing models for you!

By the end of module 8

You will define marketing terms, establish your brand identity, explore brand archetypes, examine the types of brand names and how to pick one, be introduced to types of logos and logo design, understand the significance of colours, know how to choose a colour palette for your brand, analyse the 4Ps of marketing, distinguish between the different marketing strategies, identify what digital marketing is, and reveal the various social media platforms.

To end this programme on a great note, you will be given a marketing & sales strategy template to fill in!

By the end of module 9

You will differentiate between the types of strategy, discover Porter's five forces, learn about the value chain, explore the resource-based view, and examine the contributions of the ecosystem to your entrepreneurial success.

PLUS, you will fill in the Business Strategy Template!

All of this so you can build a killer business strategy!
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Our approach relies on gamification and microlearning!
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Tailored for YOU

Modules combine research and gamified elements, making it more convenient and creative to gain new knowledge and understandings.

Increased Knowledge Retention

Learning units are easy to digest and only take 15 mins of your day! You can now enjoy the flexibility of learning anywhere and anytime!

Unleash Your Growth Now!

Creo is really life-changing as it doesn't only make you more knowledgeable about diverse business areas but also empowers you to be more confident.
— Yara

Intelligent, creative, and innovative. The programme encompassed a variety of topics related to entrepreneurship such as strategy planning, marketing, brand identity... The innovation was apparent in the way the team used technology to facilitate our learning experience.
— Christelle

For everyone who has an idea and wants to develop it, Creo Incubator’s programme is the best to help you reach your goals.
— Jana

I have always known that I am more fit to be leading my own business idea rather than fulfilling someone else's vision, but the support system needed was missing; this is what I found through Creo. I learnt how to build a business following a clear structure.
— Lamia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the programme's duration?

The programme contains 97 learning units (15 min each). You get to decide whether you would like to go over one 15-min activity or more on a  daily basis during a week. You set the rhythm! The overall programme's average duration is 25-30 hours.

Is this programme time-restricted?

On the contrary!! Our modules are designed for you to access anytime and anywhere. This is why we launched our new CREO Incubator phone apps! Learning should be fun, engaging, easily consumed, and accessible. Our modules are not time-consuming but are meant for the committed learner!

Why should I enroll in CREO's programme specifically?

Unlike other learning institutions/systems, CREO adopts a unique learning approach that comprises gamification and microlearning nuggets. Our courses contain social learning with adaptive technology and practical case studies and simulations to deliver optimal educational value and high community engagement, enabling accessible and equitable education to all.