Are you tired of letting conflicts simmer unresolved? Are you ready to navigate difficult conversations with confidence and grace?

CREO Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving Skills Programme equips you to navigate complex challenges with confidence and finesse.

Through insightful modules, you'll delve into understanding conflict dynamics and your personal conflict style.

You will be able to elevate your leadership with strategies for effective feedback delivery, adeptly managing internal politics, and securing buy-in from senior leadership.

Gain emotional intelligence tools to navigate high-pressure environments, fostering resilience and productive relationships. 
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By the end of this programme, you will be empowered in:

Group of entrepreneurs pointing at a screen
1. Understanding conflict and analyzing its impact on individuals, teams, and organizations.
2. Assessing personal conflict styles and their implications in conflict resolution scenarios.
3. Evaluating negotiation principles and conflict resolution strategies for reaching agreements in conflict situations.
4. Applying problem-solving strategies to encourage creative thinking and generate innovative solutions to challenges.
5. Utilizing active listening skills to enhance understanding and resolve conflicts by having difficult conversations.
6. Demonstrating the ability to deliver constructive feedback while maintaining rapport and respect with the recipient.
7. Applying strategies for building alliances and managing conflicts to navigate internal politics.
8. Crafting persuasive arguments supported by data and evidence to gain buy-in from senior leadership.
9. Developing self-awareness and self-regulation skills in high-pressure environments in order to navigate challenges with emotional intelligence.

What is included?

  • 19 Learning Units
  • 15 min daily
  • Real-World Case Studies
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Community Access
  • Your Own Social Profile
  • 19 Learning Units
  • 15 min daily
  • Total Duration: 4 hr 45 min
  • Real-World Case Studies
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Community Access
  • Your Own Social Profile
  • Lifetime Platform Access
We believe education should be informative and FUN. This is why we use interactive microlearning that you can access at your own pace. Learn about our learning philosophy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course time-consuming?

The course is structured into 15-min learning units. Learning should be fun, engaging, easily consumed, and accessible. Our courses are not time-consuming but are meant for the committed learner!

How can I access my courses?
Our courses are designed for you to access anytime and anywhere. This is why we launched our new CREO Incubator phone apps! You can access the courses on the web or via our apps.
Will I get to meet other learners with similar aspirations?
You will get the chance to belong to a community of Creopreneurs®! This will help you practice meaningful networking and exchange creative and innovative ideas for your future businesses. You get out what you put in!
Why should I enrol in CREO's course specifically?
CREO adopts a unique learning approach that comprises gamification and microlearning nuggets. Our courses contain social learning with practical case studies and simulations to deliver optimal educational value and high community engagement, enabling accessible and equitable education.