Can Peanut Butter Help You Innovate?

Dec 21
Have you ever felt stuck, unable to innovate?

Did the creative block get the best out of you?

The S.C.A.M.P.E.R. method encourages you to ask seven different questions about individual aspects of a product, enabling you to innovate and improve existing products and services.

Here's how the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. method can help you innovate, applied to peanut butter!

👉 S is for Substitute. 
What materials or resources can you substitute or swap to improve the product or create a new one?

 We can substitute the peanut with almonds; now we’ve got almond butter!

 👉 C is for Combine.
Can we combine this product with another one to create something new?

 Peanut butter + jam = raspberry-flavoured peanut butter.  Isn’t that what Jaffa cakes are all about? Put that orange with chocolate on the biscuit (pardon me, cake!), and there you go!

👉 A is for Adapt.
Could we adapt or readjust this product? Imagine adding more water to peanut butter, diluting the fats.

Now, you have a healthier version of peanut butter!

 👉 M is for Modify.
What can we modify? Imagine a massive family-size pack or a smaller one suited for travel!

Now, more people can enjoy peanut butter at a better value.

👉 P is for Put to another use.
Could we use this product some other way, perhaps in another industry?

Imagine using peanut butter as shaving cream… oops, not the most fun use. You get the idea, though!

 👉 E is for Eliminate.
Could we eliminate an ingredient or simplify this product?

Imagine eliminating the peanut butter and using the jar to store nuts or eliminating the butter and selling peanuts themselves!

👉 R is for Reverse.
Could we reorganise/reverse-engineer this product to make it more effective?

Imagine the peanut butter jar opens upside down. How cool would this packaging be? Not so practical, though!

 The SCAMPER could be put to different uses. For example, to:
- innovate in your products/services
- streamline your internal operations
- come up with new marketing material 
- unlock a creative block 
- repurpose content
- solve a problem and come up with multiple solutions

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