8 Dimensions Of Wellness: Living A Purposeful Life

Jan 18
Have you ever imagined yourself as an octopus?

With each tentacle representing a different dimension or aspect of your life?
Every tentacle represents a different dimension of your life:

    1. Professional
    2. Financial
    3. Personal
    4. Spiritual
    5. Physical
    6. Cultural
    7. Mental
    8. Social

    Now, imagine that one tentacle is hurt.

    What would happen?

    👉You would struggle to propel forward.
    👉You would be thrown off balance.

    So, what keeps you swimming in the right direction?
    What connects all your tentacles together?

    That would be your VALUES.

    As long as every aspect of your life is aligned with your values, you will swim happily.

    So, what is it that you stand for?
    What are your values?

    • Know them.

    • Align them.

    • Own them. 

    Take a moment to consider the different dimensions of your life, and think about what you can do to keep all your tentacles solid and healthy.

    You might discover a whole new level of happiness and fulfilment! 

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