5 Questions with Creopreneur, Maha ⚡

Can you tell us about yourself and your start-up?

I’m Maha, the founder of Spreadly. I am an engineer by background, so I am naturally geared towards identifying and solving problems. This is how I ventured into Spreadly, a start-up dedicated to recreating products consumers love in a healthier version by taking out all unnecessary ingredients and keeping only the essential ones.
At which start-up stage were you before joining Creo Incubator? How did Creo contribute to your success?

When we joined Creo, Spreadly was at the early stages under a different brand, SugarNSpice, with minimal traction. With the help and mentorship received from Creo, we have embarked on a journey to re-brand Spreadly, as we realised the former brand did not reflect the value we offer our health-conscious community. Creo has helped us shape our entrepreneurship mindset and frameworks and identify what entrepreneurship is genuinely about.  

How did your skills and knowledge evolve with Creo? Would you recommend Creo and its community to others?

Creo stands out from other incubators thanks to its focus on entrepreneurs. It is the entrepreneur who creates the company. Hence, with Creo, we have learned how to grasp our entrepreneurial journey, be confident in our skills, nourish them, keep learning and allow ourselves to grow to help our businesses grow. 

Can you share two lessons you’ve learned during your entrepreneurial journey?

1. If you can dream it, you can make it.
2. Grasp every opportunity to market your brand.
3. Never be shy about asking for help and feedback.

What does the future hold for Spreadly?

Spreadly has enormous potential. We believe healthy options should be accessible and affordable. Our vision is to become the go-to marketplace for healthy and accessible food products, all while promoting sustainability and a circular economy - one product at a time.

  • Favourite things to read: Wamda News & Forbes Middle East
  • Favourite Instagram account to follow: @eatdeux
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