5 Questions with Creopreneur, Leonie ⚡

Can you tell us about yourself and your start-up?

I am Leonie, founder of Oumoumah, a re-commerce platform where mothers can sell and buy the best selection of second-hand maternity and kids’ items at the best prices with minimum effort. Oumoumah was launched in October 2021 on a mission to inspire mothers to think second-hand first for a healthier economy, community and environment. Our business model of handpicking and buying the items from mothers in our community reflects the high level of quality control we uphold and our determination to serve the greatest quality of brands at the best prices.
At which start-up stage were you before joining Creo Incubator? How did Creo contribute to your success?

Oumoumah was ideated during my time at Creo Incubator. Before joining Creo Incubator, we lacked the know-how and basic entrepreneurial skills and tools. Creo was a crucial turning point in our journey to success as it equipped us with the proper knowledge, guidance and network.

How did your skills and knowledge evolve with Creo? Would you recommend Creo and its community to others?

Creo introduced us to the world of entrepreneurship and all its key and sub-key elements. In addition to the practical knowledge, Creo helped us change our perspective on everything we encountered; we were taught to unlearn and relearn as a critical part of innovation. I definitely encourage everyone with a thirst for entrepreneurial knowledge and a willingness to disrupt the standard way of thinking to join and be part of Creo’s community.

Can you share two lessons you’ve learned during your entrepreneurial journey?

1 – Don’t hold back, do it and test fast.
2 – You are not supposed to know it all! Find people who’ve been in your shoes and ask for advice. It’s usually the fastest and most efficient way to solve problems.

What does the future hold for Oumoumah?

We’ve been up and running for almost eight months now, and we have big plans for the future! We’re building the first website in the MENA region specified and dedicated to second-hand kids’ clothes and items. Our vision for Oumoumah is to be the mother’s go-to peer-to-peer platform in the region where they can buy and sell everything second-hand related to maternity and kids’ clothes and items.  

  • Favourite book to read: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey
  • Favourite podcast to listen to: @ThePitch 
  • Favourite LinkedIn account to follow: @GregMcKeown
  • Best advice: Take care of your mental health; failure is part of the entrepreneurial journey; learn not to associate your start-up’s success or failure with your own.
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