Why Does Boiling Water Harden Eggs but Soften Potatoes?

Dec 16
Why does boiling water harden eggs but soften potatoes? 🥚 🥔 

Many of us can’t answer this question directly as we do not hold the answer.

But why?

The answer lies in how educational curricula are structured.
Back when I was a student, learning consisted of:

👉 studying mathematical equations (remember a2+b2= c2?)
We learn equations without learning how to budget, invest and do taxes.

👉 learning science in isolation
We learn about the cells, chemical bonds and nuclei without understanding why we get a fever or how we even burp or fart!

👉 memorising historical events
We memorise events without synthesising many learnings and reflecting on how the current political and budgetary systems work. 

All of this did NOT help, especially when it came to:

👉 facing my biggest fears and the countless uncertainties life throws at you 💣 

👉 solving complex problems one encounters ⚠️ 🔴

👉 overcoming failure rather than accepting it as a stamped mark of one’s abilities ✅ ❌

What we need is DIFFERENT.

It is essential for schools and universities not to repeat mistakes and start righting the wrongs.

This can ONLY happen if they implement the following:

📍 Skills development programmes that focus on nurturing soft skills such as critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, etc.

📍  Science education in correlation to real life. For example, why does paint stick to the wall? How long does coffee stay in our bodies? 

📍 Financial literacy, which helps us learn real-world skills, such as saving, budgeting, taxing, investing, etc.

📍 Entrepreneurial education that helps foster a growth mindset and an abundance approach.

What is something you wished your school/university had taught you that you had to learn later in life?

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