What Challenges Do Women Founders Face?

Jan 24

We have asked 170 women entrepreneurs about the challenges they face in the entrepreneurial world. 

Here is what #SheSaid:

''We were never taught how to build a business. We were only taught to play it safe,'' she said.

''Women have to work 3 times as hard to prove themselves worthy of being taken seriously,'' she said.

''Social norms expect women to only find a job, not start their own,'' she said.

''Women are expected to prioritise being a mom over their career dreams,'' she said.

''Some fields are claimed to be "male-oriented". Are women only good to start make-up brands?'' she said.

''We are perceived as weak, as if we can't handle tough choices without going emotional,'' she said.

''We don't see many women in leadership positions! Women are not well integrated in the business world,'' she said.

''If a woman is driving and had an accident, she will be blamed for being a woman, same for a business!'' she said.

''Women themselves can put down their ideas and value. We should start with building up our self-perception first,'' she said.

''We’ve limited access to resources despite our critical socioeconomic contributions,'' she said.

We summarise in this article those challenges according to six main pillars. More will follow on what we are doing on this front and different ways to address these challenges. Sign up to our newsletter below to be the first to know!
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