Analogy Thinking: A Framework For Creativity

Jan 13
Did you know that spider webs inspired silk production?

A powerful tool for creativity and problem-solving is analogy thinking.

It is the ability to draw connections and comparisonsbetween seemingly unrelated things.
You can apply analogy thinking by looking towards:

👉 Nature (you guessed it right!):

Other species can inspire the innovative use of resources, space, and time.

You can copy or borrow from natural systems to build new technology.

For example
  • Spider webs inspired silk
  • Honeycomb patterns inspired strong structures
  • Whale fins inspired wind turbine

👉 An industry unrelated to yours:

You can learn from different industries.

For example, slaughterhouses and grain warehouses inspired Henry Ford to create assembly lines.

You can incorporate analogy thinking to be more innovative in:
  • developing products
  • ideating
  • problem-solving
  • decision-making

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