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At Creo Incubator, we provide comprehensive learning solutions that cater to diverse organisational needs. We blend bespoke programme development with our unique in-house offerings specialising in innovation, entrepreneurship, and skills development to optimise learning experiences.
Experts and Trainers
Microlearning Units
Live Workshops

Our Services

Empowering Innovation through Custom Programmes and In-House Expertise

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Dynamic Learning Platform: Microlearning & Gamification

Experience a transformative approach to learning with our interactive platform. Utilising microlearning techniques and gamification, we make education engaging and effective, catering to the modern learner's needs.
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Interactive Bootcamps: Games & Edutainment 

Dive into our immersive bootcamps where games and entertainment form the core of learning. These workshops are designed to enhance practical skills and entrepreneurship, fostering an enjoyable and impactful educational journey.
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Nurturing Communities: Building Networks and Support Systems

Beyond individual learning, we focus on community building. Our programmes foster strong networks and support systems, encouraging peer-to-peer collaboration and continuous growth among innovators and professionals.
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L&D Support and Bespoke Programmes

We conduct needs assessments to identify areas for growth and development, ensuring that our programmes are precisely aligned with your goals. We craft learning experiences tailored to your needs, including designing educational games, mentoring programmes, and impactful alumni engagement initiatives.
Our specialities

Why Us?

Our unique approach to education goes beyond traditional learning by incorporating play elements, game design, and entertainment activities. We believe that learning should be engaging and enjoyable, and that's why we design our learning experiences to be both educational and entertaining.
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Training of Trainers (ToT) Bootcamp

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Who We Work With

Founders & Start-Ups
Schools & Universities
Banks & Insurance Companies

For founders and start-ups, we offer a range of courses focused on the essentials of business growth and skills development. Additionally, we provide tailored workshops and mentoring sessions to address specific challenges and foster start-up success.

Our bespoke programmes for banks and insurance companies are designed to develop their academies and support them in customer education, outreach, and business development, aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and provide comprehensive training for employees and customers.

We engage students at schools and universities through play camps featuring educational games for entrepreneurial and financial skills development. We also offer in-house programmes and create bespoke digital learning programmes that enhance the academic experience and promote interactive learning.

Incubators, Accelerators & VC Funds
Governmental Institutions
Corporations, NGOs & Societies

For corporations and societies, we offer programmes that support corporate innovation, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurial skills development, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and driving internal innovation initiatives for employees and members alike.

We provide dedicated Learning & Development consultancy to governmental institutions, along with bespoke programmes and digital platform access. Our services support large-scale initiatives and offer specialised training development and delivery.

We collaborate with incubators, accelerators and VC funds to offer bespoke workshops and programmes, supporting their cohorts and start-ups with tailored guidance and resources to accelerate growth and innovation.

Experience transformative learning that delivers real-world impact.
''Creo's programme was so professional, dense and reliable to the point that it felt like an MBA squeezed into a course. The knowledge acquired in Creo would have normally taken me a year or two to acquire. The course was totally worth my time!''
Leonie, creo learner

Plan Your Learning Experiences

Whether you're a bank seeking to enhance customer relationships, a corporation looking to attract new clients via customer education (CEd), or a university aiming to empower students, Creo Incubator delivers engaging programmes that combine education with entertainment, resulting in:
  • heightened engagement
  • measurable skill development
  • improved customer satisfaction
  • increased Return-on-Investment (ROI)
  • enhanced team and community dynamics
Our tailored programmes are designed to meet your specific needs and goals. 

Fostering Networks and Co-Creation

We adopt a holistic learning approach, merging self-paced asynchronous study with interactive live workshops. This combination enables structured cohort learning, nurturing community and collaboration. Asynchronous elements offer personalised, flexible engagement, while live workshops enhance real-time interaction and idea exchange. Together, they promote peer learning and collaborative co-creation, enriching the overall educational impact.

Our In-House Expertise: Entrepreneurship from A to Z

Our off-the-shelf programmes cover every aspect of entrepreneurship. From foundational skills to advanced strategies, these programmes are crafted by experts to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical insights for aspiring and established innovators alike.

Bespoke Learning Solutions: Tailored to Your Needs

Understanding that each organisation is unique, we offer custom programme development services. Our team works closely with you to assess needs and design learning programmes that align perfectly with your objectives and industries, whether it’s healthcare, FinTech, leadership development, sustainability, corporate innovation, or social entrepreneurship.
Programme Design

We don't just design programmes, we support you to empower people!

Say goodbye to traditional, lengthy courses and embrace bite-sized, engaging lessons that make learning fun and effective. Our platform is designed to empower individuals and teams with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in innovating and developing their skills, all while enjoying the journey of discovery.
We customise programmes according to different needs and verticals by:
Emerging Markets
Private and Public Sector
Women Focus
In industries such as healthcare, FinTech, and sustainability, our programmes are meticulously designed to address sector-specific challenges and opportunities. This focused approach ensures that participants receive the most pertinent and cutting-edge knowledge applicable to their industry.
Our programmes are uniquely tailored to cater to diverse geographical regions. From Africa and the Middle East to the UK and the US, we understand and integrate local cultural nuances and market specifics, ensuring that our content is highly relevant and impactful for each unique audience.
For emerging markets, our programmes are specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges and leverage the opportunities they present. We provide insights and skills that are crucial for thriving in these dynamic and rapidly evolving environments.
For public institutions, we focus on community impact and policy-driven objectives, while in the private sector, we emphasise innovation, competitiveness, and market-driven strategies, ensuring that each programme delivers targeted results and aligns with the specific goals of the organisation.
Our women-focused support programmes are specially designed to empower female entrepreneurs and professionals. Through tailored workshops, mentoring, and a supportive community, we provide the tools and resources necessary for women to excel in their careers and businesses, fostering gender equality and leadership in the industry.

Some Feedback from Programme Managers & Learners

We are dedicated to empowering you to provide top-notch, engaging learning experiences to your learners.
Louisa, Programme Manager at Oxford University
Jen, Creo Learner
Natalie, Creo Learner

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