5 Lessons We Learned in 2022

Dec 28
Here are 5 lessons we've learned in 2022.
1. Every no creates space for a yes.

Time is our most valuable commodity; its supply is limited, just like sand in an hourglass. We must prioritise what’s important to us and dedicate our time accordingly. Have the power to say no!  

2. Self-awareness is key to happiness. 

Identifying our values and living by them increases our quality of life. I value freedom, which led to a career change and enabled me to take more risks. What do you value?  

3. Owning a business requires consistency and perseverance.

Starting and running a business takes a lot of hard work and dedication. This also means putting in the work regularly, even through hard times. 

This requires staying resilient, adapting to change, and finding creative solutions to problems. Maintaining a clear understanding of your business goals and staying focused is essential.   

4. Perfection is counter-productive.

Nothing is ever truly perfect, and the best thing to do is focus on making progress and getting things done. Remember: done beats perfect. 

Become intentional about your goals and never wait for new year’s resolutions to start. Start doing, assess what went well and what didn’t, learn from your mistakes, and then improve. The lean cycle goes on. Get started today!  

5. Acceptance is vital for growth.

Whether accepting others as they are or accepting challenges that arise, I've learned that acceptance is integral to personal growth. By embracing change and being open to new experiences, I've learned in ways I never thought possible.  

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