How to Build a Thriving Online Community?

Jan 9
Building a community for your brand is more important than ever.

The Diary Of A CEO channel has recently crossed 1M YouTube subscribers, making it the fastest-growing UK podcast channel.

Here's what we have learned from Steven Bartlett and his team about building online communities.
1. Steven uses a Telegram group:

It's simple - no fancy emails or tools are needed.

2. He messages whenever he has time:

It's personal - let it be early in the morning or late at night—no need for over-engineering it.

3. He sends voice notes and drops impromptu call links:

It's relatable - it feels like your friend is messaging you. It's neither formal nor edited (i.e. it's not a company selling you stuff). You can hear him thinking and reflecting.

4. He shares the ups and downs:

It's honest - you can relate to the struggles. Let it be needing to re-upload a video or not feeling like a great interviewer - we're here to support each other.

5. He gives early access to products:

It's unique - you feel privileged. You want to get involved and have a say.

6. He asks questions for voting purposes:

It's empowering - you feel heard. You're part of the co-creation process.

7. He gives away rewards:

It's rewarding - you feel happy. I have never seen a Starbucks voucher disappear so quickly!

To build a thriving online community, keep it simple, personal, relatable, honest, unique, empowering, and rewarding.

And don't forget to keep innovating and showing up, so your community is excited to be there!

Innovation and consistency cannot be overstated.

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