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Our Vision & Mission

Opportunities are already here – they are just not evenly distributed.

We are committed to creating multi-generational change in the MENA region, one initiative at a time.

We believe in the power of education and the importance of youth in driving systematic and disruptive waves of change within communities.

Our mission is to change the face of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in and by the MENA world, specifically led and created by its women – the X factor.

We are here to make opportunities more equitable and accessible.

About LebWox

Who is LebWox Incubator for?

LebWox Incubator is for Lebanese women from diverse communities. LebWox is specifically dedicated to Lebanese women to support them with the ongoing economic crisis and in the aftermath of the Beirut explosion.

2 Months, Fully Funded

LebWox is a 2-month fellowship that includes 10+ workshops, 1 personal coaching session, and 1 summit. Fellows are expected to commit 8 hours per month (2 hours every Saturday from mid-October to mid-December). The fellowship is free of cost and includes all materials, subscriptions, and coaching. The incubator is 100% virtual, all sessions will be delivered in English via Zoom.

What makes us stand out?

LebWox Incubator provides networking, opportunities AND tailored knowledge. We provide masterclasses, foundational learning, personalised mentoring, and roleplay simulations in diverse aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation.

30 Fellows

A cohort of 30 fellows will join the LebWox Incubator to develop their business ideas, shape up their skills, draft their strategies, and form deep relationships with their peers and the wider community of Creo Incubator©.

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In a nutshell, we offer

  • in-depth education
  • peer-to-peer support
  • tailored material for Lebanese women
  • personalised coaching
  • access to a wider network

We shape mindsets,

… mindsets that are less fearful and more resilient, risk-taking, self-sufficient, and autonomous

WE make ideas Materialise.

Did You Know?

Only 1.4% of all founders that raised funding in Europe identified as Middle Eastern and North African (2019 data).

Women face multi-layered challenges in the entrepreneurial sphere; these include defying social expectations, struggling to be taken seriously, building a support network, owning their accomplishments, and balancing family and business life, most of which are often exacerbated in the MENA.

Moreover, female-led start-ups receive 23% less funding than their male-led counterparts.

We are here to empower women to be the change the world deserves and desperately needs.

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Q: What are the eligibility criteria?

A: You should be a Lebanese woman. You can be based in Lebanon or abroad. You should be at least 16 years old. You don’t need to own a business as long as you aspire to start one! We’re looking at having participants from diverse fields and disciplines as we believe that diversity makes the experience and exchange more enriching!

Q: Do I need to have an idea or a business to join the incubator?

A: No, we are a ‘talent incubator’. We believe that if talented people are provided with the right opportunities and skill trainings, they will come up with the brightest ideas and put them to action.

Q: I already own a business; can I still join?

A: If you are in the early stages of your business and you would like to develop your interpersonal skills and outlook on business, this programme is right for you. If you are looking into growing your company and increasing your revenue streams, an accelerator would be better suited for your needs.

Q: Can we apply as a team?

A: Yes, a team can apply but each member needs to submit an individual application. Applications are assessed on an individual basis.

Q: How are applications assessed?

A: We don’t need to know about your CV, affiliation, degrees or background. All what we care about is YOU and your mindset. You will be asked 5 open-ended questions. All answers will be randomised and assessed anonymously by our talented team.

Q: What happens if I am accepted to the incubator?

A: Workshops will be run every Saturday for 2 hours (4-6 pm, Beirut time) from mid-October to mid-December 2020. They will cover different topics in entrepreneurship and innovation tailored for Lebanese women (entrepreneurial roadmap, ideation, strategy, innovation, leadership, pitching to investors, types of ventures, legal know-how, negotiation, etc). Coaching sessions (1-2-1) will be agreed upon with your mentors. You will have access to a closed community of like-minded individulas that will provide peer support. If selected, more details will be communicated nearer the time (Oct 10th).

Q: Will the incubator include in-person meetings?

A: No, this incubator is 100% virtual. All sessions will be delivered in English via Zoom.

Q: Who owns the ideas and businesses I come up with in LebWox?

A: You own your intellectual property. LebWox Incubator does not own any intellectual property that belongs to you or your company, and does not take a proportion of your profits unless we have, upon mutual written agreement, decided to actively invest or contribute to your company in exchange for shares or equity.


Feedback Collected Anonymously by Attendees of a 1-Day Entrepreneurship & Innovation Workshop

”The choice of different teaching approaches were on point. The workshop had a great role in building connections and having the chance to meet people that share common interests!” (27/06/2020)

”The best part for me, was pitching myself, because I got to build confidence in my ideas and was challenged to think about solutions quickly. I also connected with like-minded people and that was amazing!” (02/07/2020)

”The breakout rooms were very enlightening. The way the workshop was delivered was amazing: the topics were very interesting and extremely clear. They were all connected, which became apparent when we discussed the case studies. The enthusiasm and expertise were driving the entire session.” (28/06/2020)

”The instructor’s teaching style is very unique and one of a kind. It was the most interactive workshop I’ve ever attended.” (28/06/2020)

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