Nour Abi Fadel

Nour Abi Fadel values increasing equity in the digital space through inclusive innovations that embrace diversity. Responding to the 2020 Beirut Blast, Nour co-founded  VolunteerBeirut, a youth-led platform that maps and mobilises volunteering. VolunteerBeirut is an outreach partner of social impact initiatives that support volunteer well-being. 

Nour represented Lebanon in the 2020 e-Global Youth Model United Nations (MUN)  to set resolutions on combating racism and xenophobia for which she achieved the best delegate award. With a vision to impact policy-making through youth advocacy and interdisciplinary research, Nour has trained peers on diplomacy and the Global Goals. Graduating as valedictorian, she was the Secretary General of the MUN Club in high-school and has achieved awards in MUN, Model Arab League, and Chemistry Olympiads, garnering her a full scholarship to study at the Lebanese American University. 

Nour is an honors biology and psychology senior student, passionate about driving a systemic approach to healthcare: physical, mental, and digital. She was accepted to the Undergrad. Research & Discovery program with the interest to promote eHealth literacy of healthcare professionals and integrate digital health in medical education. Nour is the president of Carbonbon, a student-led initiative that provides zero-waste tips and tricks.  

She  has been practicing martial arts for over 10  years and is a Dan 4 Taekwondo Master and official referee, committed to empowering girls to be active in sports. Nour aspires to contribute to the booming bioeconomy by specialising in healthcare consultancy and biotechnology management within an ethical framework.

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