Mohammad Kabakibi

Mohammad Kabakibi is a Biology junior minoring in Mathematics at the Lebanese American University (LAU) and a scholar in the Undergraduate Research and Discovery programme (URaD) where his research interests focus on microbial genomics. Mohammad is also a poet, was a trombonist at Al Makassed scouts and a singer in the choir of Khalid Ben Al Walid school. Mohammad stands for global equity in various fields, accordingly, he volunteered at “Al Makassed Volunteering Club” from 2016 till 2019 where he participated in visiting “Dar Al Aajaza”, he also served in different events such as “Beirut Marathon”; in 2019 he joined the Lebanese Red Cross to brainstorm on different events. Mohammad co-founded, in collaboration with VolunteerBeirut, “Chain of Education”, the first free university tutoring initiative in Lebanon with the vision of global educational equity. Mohammad participated in various national public speaking, writing and STEM competitions, and ranked among the top 5 in many of them.

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