Dr Mira Kassouf

Dr Mira Kassouf is the co-founder of Innovation Forum Oxford (IFO). Acting on her belief in the research scientists’ untapped potential as innovative entrepreneurs, she created knowledge exchange platforms that not only inspired and educated entrepreneurially inclined early career health and life sciences researchers but also connected them with like-minded peers and enablers. Under her leadership, the IMAGINE IF! Oxford has mentored start-ups, propelling their venture to the next level. In her work, Mira was awarded Knowledge Exchange Seed Funds and three independent nominations for the 2018 Vice-Chancellor Inaugural Innovation Award. Mira has been recently named by BioBeat as one of the ‘50 Movers and Shakers in BioBusiness’. This year, with a focus on shining the light on women entrepreneurs, Mira introduced WE ACE 2020; the programme had a personalised approach to addressing the needs of women at various stages in their early entrepreneurial journey and aimed at nucleating a community of trailblazing women entrepreneurs in the health and life sciences. Mira’s research interest lies in gene regulation and her current work unravels how non-coding sequences of DNA act as “on/off switches” for genes in different biological contexts. Mira strongly believes in measuring scientific contributions through impact that reaches beyond the purely academic.

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