Bechara Aad

Bechara Aad is a Marketing Operations Specialist for the LENA region working for Adidas AG, Beirut, where he’s overseeing the GTM processes from a technical system POV. In 2014, he worked with Adidas’s combat sports division, helping shape the brand’s first online presence leading up to its dedicated e-Store. Similarly, in 2017 he contributed to the development of Grohe’s first Arabian website alongside his other client-centric work with the company. Both firms were operating regionally in MENA. In 2018, he gained European experience by joining SMG agency, a start-up based in Paris that focuses on reinventing corporate communication by leveraging the potential of storytelling. SMG works with key clients like Sanofi and OECD. Having graduated high school with an emphasis on Science, he later obtained his BA degree in Business & Marketing at USJ Beirut. Ever since, Bechara has kept a finger on the pulse of the dynamic world of online marketing and is currently aiming for the NAM market with online service initiatives that are waiting to see the light, one of which touches on the content marketers of the world.

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